Midway Auto Sales
Meet the Team

Ken Grant - Owner

Ken Grant, owner of Midway Auto Sales, grew up in Lovell WY, working in his Dad's Bodyshop. As a teenager, he would buy wrecked cars and fix them and then sell them. In his early 20's, Ken managed his Dad's bodyshop for a few years before deciding to start a car dealership. Midway Auto Sales began in 1995 with 7 cars. Over the last 24 years, Midway has expanded to Cody and Worland and now sells Autos, Boats, Camper trailers, and ATV/motorcycles. Ken married Darece in 1989. They have six children, 4 grandchildren and enjoy all the outdoor activities Wyoming has to offer.

Ken Grant - Owner
Bruce Jolley - Lovell Store Manager
Kenny Grant - Sales
Tami Baxendale - Office Manager/Secretary

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